Crankshaft Pulley


  1. Loosen (but do not remove) crankshaft pulley bolts (Figure 2-6).
  2. Remove serpentine accessory drive belt as follows:
    1. Loosen drive belt by rotating belt tensioner in counterclockwise direction (Figure 2-7). Use 1/2 in. drive breaker bar to rotate pulley.
    2. Slide belt off tensioner and other pulleys. Then remove belt.
  3. Remove crankshaft pulley screws and remove pulley.
    Figure 2-6 Crankshaft Pulley Mounting

    Figure 2-6: Crankshaft Pulley Mounting

    Figure 2-7 Serpentine Belt Tensioner Location

    Figure 2-7: Serpentine Belt Tensioner Location



  1. Clean face of torsional damper with brake cleaner. Smooth surface with file, or 280 grit paper, if necessary.
  2. Install pulley on damper and install pulley bolts. Tighten bolts until snug.
  3. Install serpentine belt on all pulleys except belt tensioner (Figure 2-8). Turn tensioner counterclockwise with breaker bar and slide belt onto tensioner. Then release breaker bar so tensioner can rotate clockwise to adjust belt.
  4. Tighten crankshaft pulley bolts to 48 lb-ft (65 N•m) torque.
    Figure 2-8 Serpentine Belt Installation

    Figure 2-8 Serpentine Belt Installation

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