Front Cover Oil Seal Replacement

  1. Remove crankshaft pulley and torsional damper. Refer to procedures in this section.
  2. Remove oil seal front cover with pry tool (Figure 2-11).
  3. Clean seal contact surface of torsional damper. Smooth surface, if necessary, with 180 grit emery. Then polish with 220 grit emery coated with engine oil. Seal surface must be smooth to avoid damaging new seal.
  4. Install new seal in cover with special tool 5740754. Open end of seal goes toward interior of cover.
  5. Lubricate new seal and seal surface of torsional damper, with engine oil, petroleum jelly, or light chassis grease.
  6. Install keys in crankshaft. Then align and install torsional damper. Install damper belt and washer. Tighten bolt to 140-160 lb-ft (190-217 N•m).
  7. Install crankshaft pulley and serpentine belt. Refer to procedure in this section.
    Figure 2-11 Front Cover Oil Seal Location

    Figure 2-11 Front Cover Oil Seal Location

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