Oil Pump Drive


  1. Remove engine cover/console for access to rear of engine.
  2. Clean surface of drive, block and drive clamp with carb cleaner.
  3. Remove bolt that secures oil pump drive clamp to block (Figure 2-12).
  4. Remove oil pump drive with turn and lift motion. Use channel lock or use grip pliers to remove drive.
  5. Remove gasket from block or drive.
  6. Cover pump drive opening in block to prevent dirt entry.


  1. Install new gasket on oil pump drive.
  2. Position and insert oil pump drive in block. Turn drive back and forth to seat it as needed.
  3. Install drive clamp and bolt. Tighten bolt to 25-37 lb-ft (34-50 N•m) torque.
  4. Install engine console/cover.
    Figure 2-12 Oil Pump Drive

    Figure 2-12 Oil Pump Drive

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