Aluminum Coolant Tank

Hummer H1 Coolant Tank
Aluminum Coolant Tank

$305.00 $295.00


Fits all 1992-2004

Warranty: 12 Months

Product Description

Say goodbye to cracked plastic Coolant Overflow Tanks with this Aluminum Overflow Tank. The Tank includes a sight glass to monitor the coolant level as well as all necessary fittings.


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AM GeneralHummer1992 - 19936.2L NA Diesel, VIN X
AM GeneralHummer1994 - 19986.5L NA Diesel, VIN Y
AM GeneralHummer1995 - 19965.7L V8 Unleaded Gas, VIN D
AM GeneralHummer1996 - 20016.5L Turbo Diesel, VIN Z
AM GeneralHummer20016.5L Turbo Diesel, VIN F
HummerH12002 - 20046.5L Turbo Diesel, VIN F
HummerH120066.5L Turbo Diesel, VIN F